Planned Giving

Live not merely for the moment

... but for eternity.

A planned gift is a wonderful way to leave behind a valuable contribution to support the important ongoing ministries of the Sisters of the Holy Family.


Planned Giving Overview

There are many ways to make a planned gift to Sisters of the Holy Family, with particular benefits for you, as well as for the Sisters. A planned or deferred gift refers to assets that provide life income benefits to the donor and/or beneficiaries, either for the life of the beneficiary or for a set term of years. Upon the income beneficiary's death or the conclusion of the term of years, what is left, known as the "remainder," is a charitable gift to the Sisters. Planned gifts are also called deferred gifts because, even though they are given today, the Sisters of the Holy Family will not realize their benefit until some time in the future.

You may choose to make an outright gift of cash, personal property, life insurance, gift annuities or securities, or use any of these sources to fund a deferred gift.

Each gift may offer an immediate tax benefit for you and your family. Whether your objective is to reduce your taxable estate, make a charitable gift while providing annual income for yourself or a designated beneficiary, or to make a long-term commitment while retaining the use of your capital, there are planned giving opportunities that will help you achieve your goal.

A gift need not require a substantial outlay of capital to make a significant difference to the Sisters, but it does require vision and commitment of the donor.

For detailed information and advice, please consult your attorney, insurance broker and finance manager.

For more information about the Sisters of the Holy Family, Planned Giving Program, contact Linda Micciche, Director of Development, at 510-624-4581, or e-mail at