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"A child, like all other human beings, has inalienable rights. ~Lucretia Mott"

Five Ways to Help Immigrant Children

from NETWORKLobby.org

Many members of the NETWORKLobby.org community have been asking for ways to help address the humanitarian crisis that is causing record numbers of immigrant children and families to make the treacherous journey from Central America to the United States. We wanted to let you know of a few options:

1. Find them shelter. The Administration has told us that there is a desperate need for safe facilities to provide shelter for children until they can be discharged to a sponsor to await judicial proceedings. Read the letter from FEMA and facilities requirements, in case you know of a place that may be suitable.

2. Advocate for them with Congress. Ask for additional funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement, and insist that we protect these children. Share these alerts with your friends, and ask them to take action as well.

3. Schedule a lobby visit with your member of Congress during the August Recess to talk more about this issue.

4. Seek out local opportunities with organizations likeCatholic Charities, the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, or other groups working with unaccompanied minors or other refugees and asylum seekers to volunteer or provide much-needed donations of items to provide for children and families.

5. Share your story! Tell us what your experiences are working with vulnerable populations and the unaccompanied minors. We are eager to share stories with our contacts in Congress and the Administration. Email networkupdate@networklobby.org

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